Content Challenge Day 18: Update Your LinkedIn Profile

Content goes beyond your website to your social media profiles. can be an effective way to get more traffic to your website and by extension more business. But, it’s important to keep your profiles up to date. LinkedIn is the perfect place to showcase your skills and experience. Ask for Recommendations On LinkedIn, you […]

Content Challenge Day 17: Write a Mistake Post

An effective post type is the mistake post. Writing a mistake post is a way to talk about your customer’s problems in a way that you can also talk about your solutions. You can approach it from a variety of angles. You can write it from your own perspective if you’re part of your own […]

Content Challenge Day 10: Write Your Mission Statement

One thing that is interesting to put on your website is your mission statement. A mission statement states the goals and values of your business in a succinct way. It states what your central purpose is for existing. The mission statement is meant for you, your team, and your audience. It guides everything you do. […]

Content Challenge Day 3: Teach What You Know

It may seem crazy but one way to provide more content to your audience is to teach them something that they need to know  so they can do it themselves. Whatever it is. Even if you can do it for them, teaching them to do it accomplishes several things. It shows them that you know […]

The Magic Potion for Creating Amazing Content That Gets Results

  One question I get often is, “Stephanie, how do I create content that gets read, shared and helps me earn more money?” I’m going to reveal something interesting and maybe shocking. It’s not really a magic, secret formula. It’s the truth. Creating content that gets the results you want starts with knowing what you […]

Content Marketing: Do I Need To Do It?

If you have a small business, it doesn’t matter if it’s online or offline, you want to get the word out about your business. You want your target audience to learn about your products and / or services so that they will hopefully make a purchase. One of the ways to get the word out […]

Sharing Awesome Content Marketing Article

I know content is important, but do you? If you’re not convinced please read this article by Ryan Skinner by clicking here. In this article he extracts 9 ways that you can convince the powers that be to allocate money for content from a Google + Hangout on Air. It’s very insightful and accurate and […]