Virtual Assistant Online Conference Information

This is the week of the VA Virtuosos Online Conference. I’m a speaker at the event. I hope you got the newsletter information and joined. It started Monday the 20th of April — so you might be able to sneak in. I speak on Friday.  Join us! You won’t regret it. Click to see the schedule and other information.


If you’ve come here because you signed up for this event, Congratulations for making such a great choice. I hope you took the time to look in your member area to download all the great gifts all the speakers contributed. I contributed my new Kindle Book:  Getting the Right Clients with Content Marketing for Virtual Assistants. You can get it free if you got a ticket for the event.

Also, if you want more information about how you can have a successful VA business, please sign up for my new newsletter that will announce the grand-opening of my new group coaching membership website. This site is going to be different than you’re used to as we’re focused more on marketing your VA business. Check it out.

Here’s to your success.

Stephanie Watson

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