eBook Publishing

Publishing your eBooks and eReports direct to Kindle and Nook is the new trend. You can do this on your own with and without buying an ISBN number. We can help you with every aspect of your project from start to finish. We can even ghostwrite it for you.

The following services are available:


Nook or Kindle Formatting — Min of $100.00.

Up to 25,000 words = $100.00

For each additional 10,000 words add $10.00

*Picture formatting is $10.00 per picture.

Books must be submitted in Word or Open Office format. If you desire other types of editing such as grammar, and word flow that will be an additional charge of $45.00 per hour.

If you would like us to write your entire book for you please contact us with information about what you want the book to be about, the slant, the subject matter, and any materials and research you already have and how many pages you would like the book to be and we will give you a personalized quote.

Don’t stop your publishing dreams due to not having enough time or feeling like you don’t have the skills. A book is a great calling card for your business and can establish you as an expert. Also, you can make some extra money by selling them online.

Call or email today for more information.