Content Marketing Lessons: Or, What You Can Learn from a Squirrel

squirrel_sizeXSThe facts are that email marketing still out performs content marketing in terms of sales results. But, you have to have content marketing to allow your audience to find you so that they can sign up for your email list. So is it really one vs. the other in this case? Not really.

Content Marketing & Email Marketing Go Together Like Nuts & Squirrels

Let me explain. The content marketing is like a nut falling from a tree, that your audience is attracted to, reads, perhaps saves and shares, then because they want more they sign up for your email list. Squirrels hoard nuts for the winter and don’t eat them all right away. They take them back to their nest and save them for later. Later, they’re going to get a lot more out of the nuts in the dead of winter when there are no more nuts to be had.

Squirrels Hoard Nuts & Food All Year Long

Squirrels save nuts to enjoy during slower times. Enjoying the nuts today that they harvested months ago.  While it’s nice to make sales right off your website, the first time someone visits. It’s not likely. The truth is, while content is king, a good strong email list is like money in the bank. Something you can save and make use of later. To squirrels saving nuts is like an investment in the future. While you’re not going to eat your customers, you are going to send them more information throughout the year, little bits here and there. Just enough to keep them interested along with strong calls to action. The larger and more targeted you build your list the better.

Don’t Hide all Your Nuts in the Same Place

As mentioned, squirrels are in it for the long term investment of saving nuts for later. They don’t save them all in the same place. They segment them into different locations in case something happens to one location, they have a back up. You need to be in the business of collecting information from your clients for the long-term, segmenting them into the right groups depending upon where and how they came to you. This will result in an unprecedented return on investment that  email marketing offers.Depending upon where a customer signed up from, whether it was due to buying something or due to visiting your site, you’re going to want to send them information relevant to their interests and needs surrounding your niche.

Don’t let the warm weather right now fool you. Right now there is likely a squirrel in your yard or at the park making future plans. You should continuously produce content, and continuously collect email addresses for your mailing lists. Only in this way can you build a prosperous, ongoing system that earns money year round without times of famine. Squirrels don’t hibernate, and neither should you. No matter what time of year it is, if you want a prosperous business, you should be producing original and frequent  content, continuously collecting email addresses, and regularly promoting your products & services.

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  1. What seems to be the tie with resell rights package? I think content marketing is a great venture. Given the fact that you have to write quality contents.
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  2. Amazing what you can learn from a squirrel.
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    • 🙂 When I look around I always think of strange things related to work. Even shopping at Kroger.