Content Challenge Day 24: Resource Page

Resource pages are a great way to get more traffic to your site, and it’s always a great way to get the content shared too. For example, right here on Barry Publishing I have a page of Private Label Rights content that I recommend and trust. People share it, link to it, and it’s easy […]

Content Challenge Day 23: Share Your Excitement

Enthusiasm is contagious. Whenever you’re working on a new product or service for your audience give them hints about what’s coming. Telling your audience about what you’re working on for them will build the buzz before you launch so that launch day goes off with a boom instead of radio silence. Give Them Hints A […]

Content Challenge Day 22: Cause Controversy

If you’re stuck for content ideas and need to get more engagement a way to do it is to start some form of controversy. But, this can also backfire. Before you get down to writing your first controversial post give it a lot of thought and consideration. Avoid Politics Unless your niche is politics don’t […]

Content Challenge Day 21: Curate Other People’s Content

Did you realize that when you’re creating content for your online real-estate that you don’t have to create all the content yourself? You can also do the “Oprah” model. Think about how Oprah became so famous and known as a knowledgeable person? She simply interviewed people and shared other people’s information that she thought was […]

Content Challenge Day 20: Update Your Facebook

I can’t believe it’s day 20! I’m getting a late start. I got bit by something on my face. I’ll spare you the details. But, when you are trying to create content things will happen to interfere with your plans all the time. You just take care of it, catch up where you can and […]

Content Challenge Day 19: Pinterest

Pinterest can be an effective way to get more traffic. Even if you think that your niche doesn’t fit with Pinterest try doing a search to find out for sure. If you’re creative, you can make Pinterest work for your needs. If you have a Pinterest account update it today, if you don’t have one, […]

Content Challenge Day 18: Update Your LinkedIn Profile

Content goes beyond your website to your social media profiles. can be an effective way to get more traffic to your website and by extension more business. But, it’s important to keep your profiles up to date. LinkedIn is the perfect place to showcase your skills and experience. Ask for Recommendations On LinkedIn, you […]

Content Challenge Day 17: Write a Mistake Post

An effective post type is the mistake post. Writing a mistake post is a way to talk about your customer’s problems in a way that you can also talk about your solutions. You can approach it from a variety of angles. You can write it from your own perspective if you’re part of your own […]

Content Challenge Day 16: Offer Your Best Time Saving Tips

Writing time saving tips is an effective way to show your expertise in your niche. It doesn’t even matter what your niche is. Everyone wants to save time right? Yes, of course they do! People love saving time cooking, cleaning, putting on their make up, getting dressed, and like my niche — writing. Whether you […]

Content Challenge Day 15: Write a Positive Post

When you set out to write a positive post sometimes it can be really hard to figure out what to write about. After all most people don’t write negative blog posts when it comes to their business. So, aren’t all blog posts positive posts? What I want you to do is write a blog post […]