Content Challenge Day 22: Cause Controversy

If you’re stuck for content ideas and need to get more engagement a way to do it is to start some form of controversy. But, this can also backfire. Before you get down to writing your first controversial post give it a lot of thought and consideration. Avoid Politics Unless your niche is politics don’t […]

Are you giving your content strategy enough attention?

If I ask most business owners how important their content strategy is to their business they’ll assign a high rate of importance. But, when you take a look at what they’re doing and the numbers, they’re not backing up their belief with action. Content is Still King Some people erroneously believe that they can give […]

Sharing Awesome Content Marketing Article

I know content is important, but do you? If you’re not convinced please read this article by Ryan Skinner by clicking here. In this article he extracts 9 ways that you can convince the powers that be to allocate money for content from a Google + Hangout on Air. It’s very insightful and accurate and […]

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