Private Label Rights Content

If you want to use Private Label Rights to help you fill out some of your content, that is a good choice. But, you need to ensure that you get your PLR from the right places. Then, you need to have it updated and “re-written” to make it your own.

PLR content can help you build an email list, sell our own products, promote your services, drive traffic to your website, blog or social media. It’s also a good way to get ideas for creating your own products.

The results from PLR are unlimited, only your imagination can limit you. But, hey if it does, talk to me about how I can help you make your PLR work for you.

Here are the places I recommend that you purchase PLR from: — This site not only sells PLR but also gives you idea about how to use PLR. There are some freebies and some great PLR that you can buy. If you want some free PLR training, Whole Food PLR, Paleo PLR Packs and more check them out. — This is coming soon. It’s a project that me (Stephanie) and Shannon Smith are working on. Please sign up and get on the list so you can get information when we go live. We’ll have family and lifestyle content including some work from home, homeschooling, cooking, mindset, and health information. — This is PLR up-leveled. It’s created by the amazing Alice Seba so you know it’s awesome. It’s done-for-you content that you can publish and sell that is very high value and created with the utmost care to accuracy and research. You get content and training so that you can build your business to the next level. — On this site, you’ll find a great combination of private label content around various niche ideas such as anti-aging PLR, dog PLR, essential oils PLR, holiday PLR and more. There is a great cornucopia of private label rights content to help you keep the content flowing for your audience. — This is another amazing creation of Kelly McCausey and that means there is quality to be had in this membership program that can ensure you have content for your needs each month. Check it out, try it out, you won’t be disappointed. — You can get well-written PLR here to use for list building. For example, one order was 365 marketing tips that you can use to load into your autoresponder to deliver to your audience in exchange for their email address. They have other niches too. Take a look.

Piggy Makes Bank — This is an excellent place to get all kinds of very high-level PLR. You can find something on almost every topic you can imagine from love to marketing.  They are very good at what they do and you’re going to be very happy with the PLR you buy from this site. — You can get some of the best written private label rights (PLR) content from Alice Seba and Melody Spier. You can join membership programs based on the sort of content that you need whether business related, mom related or something else. The content you get here is content that you won’t be worried about sharing with anyone it’s written that well. — This wonderful place is created by Sue Fleckenstein. Everything here is high quality, well-written, and amazing. There are topics about business, lifestyle, health, and self-improvement. You can rely on the writing and content being accurate and well written if you buy from Sue.

Easy PLR — If your niche is coaching, online business, health and wellness,  finances, lifestyle, food, tech and more. Even topics about babies are available. Everything is written by at least two professional writers to ensure the quality. Plus, they limit the distribution for each piece of content so that it’s not everywhere. It’s not a membership program, so you just buy what you want and the prices are really good.

CrushingPLR — This newer addition is a creation of Kelly McCausey and Avery Wilmer and is amazing. I can’t wait to see what other types of content they come up with. They limit how many people can purchase each package that they create. It’s super high quality and probably some of the best PLR around will be coming from them. Hope you don’t miss out on any of their content it is selling fast.

Herb Gardening PLR — This is awesome PLR from a friend of mine. If you need PLR about herb gardening anything Loretta puts out is Awesome! Loretta also offers other types of PLR so be sure to check out what else she offers after you click through.

Best Quality PLR —  This is full-featured PLR. They create new products constantly to keep up with demand. They stand by their word to produce the Best Quality Private Label Rights Content that they can. They have over 100 +  products for you to choose from and growing.

If you know of some great PLR that should be on this list please don’t hesitate to contact me and let me know about it.



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