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I’ve been outsourcing my custom content needs to ghostwriters for several years now, so this isn’t new to me. I’ve experienced the good, bad, and the ugly. You name it, I’ve been there. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I’d like to thank Stephanie for making my experience an “awesome” one. Stephanie has been producing top-notch content for me that I’m so excited to receive every month.

Why would I be that excited over content?

Well, there are a couple of reasons.

  1. Stephanie’s writing is “really good” and she creates content on the topics that I need without hesitation and meets deadlines without batting an eye.
  2. Finding quality ghostwriters isn’t an easy task! When you find someone that can write well, meet deadlines, and keeps you updated every step of the way like Stephanie does – you want to keep them around!

So yes, I’m definitely excited about the service that Stephanie provides for me. She offers a variety of packages to fit various content needs. Go ahead and try out one of her services for yourself and be as excited as I am. Thanks again for everything you do for me Stephanie, I appreciate you!

โ€” Wendy Wood


Stephanie did our website for North Alabama Healthcare for All– wonderful job! We are a chapter of a national group, PNHP, and the national office has commented on what a great website she put together for us.

โ€” Pippa Abston, Huntsville, AL


I was really lucky that I found Stephanie when I did. I need somethings done that she was more than happy to work with me on. I prefer not to say what, only that Stephanie was more than glad she could help me. She did everything I asked for and more.

Would I work with her again? You bet I would! Do I recommend her? Oh yeah!!

Stephanie produces top-notch work in everything that she offers.

โ€” Kim Snyder

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