Content Challenge Day 29: Create a Guide to Something

Content Challenge Day 29

Well I am a failure!

Not really.

I got 28 out of 30 posts up for this challenge on time. Today you’ll see two. One now and one after I meet at least one of my deadlines this month.

This one, and one more to make 30 ideas for you to use to create content for your business. Whoo Hooo!

Then this challenge is done. (Ecstatic sobbing)

If you would like to see more content-based challenges come to the Facebook Group and let me know what you’d like to see.

I’m happy to do them because it also helps me. I honestly don’t know how I forgot the last two days, it’s like I was in some sort of trance doing client work or something.

Anyway, this is a wonderful idea to create content for your business, if you want to get more ideas, read on.

Create a Guide to Something

A guide can be created in many ways. You can create it as cornerstone content for your website that helps your readers get around and guides them through your offerings or teaches them how to do something amazing. Or, it can be created as a report or eBook in PDF format. You can even offer it both ways. Create it as content right on your site but offer your audience the ability to download it as a PDF file.

Some idea that have come to mind for me to do for this site are:

A Guide to Self-Publishing on Kindle

If I did this guide it would basically boil down what Amazon tells you to do for Kindle but in an easier way to read it and also a way to order my services. I definitely believe this would be something that is good for me to do and I’ve put it on my list. What is something you do for people that you could teach them to do but also encourage them to hire you to do for them. If you want to you can also recommend others that can help them using your affiliate links.

A Guide to Crafting Content for Your Blog Using Private Label Rights

This is a really good idea for me since I love helping my clients use the PLR they buy to create courses, blog posts, social media content and more. While I would be telling them exactly how to do it themselves, most people don’t want to (and should not) do it all themselves. They should get help. No successful CEO does everything themselves. That’s why it’s safe for you to give away how to do things and still get them to hire you to do it for them if you’re a service provider like me.

A Guide to Using Social Media Marketing to Send Traffic to Your Funnel

This type of guide would also be an effective guide for me to create since I help clients find ways to use social media to send traffic to their landing pages which is how people get into their funnels. I could cover quite a bit of material in a guide like this. Plus, link directly to my discover call sign up to get clients to hire me to do it for them. Since I will show them how to do it they’ll trust me more that I know what I’m doing. Having clients who hire you and let you do your job are the best clients to have.

It will probably take me about a year to create each guide due to having enough clients right now I am not in a hurry. But, if you don’t have enough clients right now or aren’t selling enough products right now, this is an excellent way to build traffic to your website, give your visitors something to download to get them to sign up for your list, and show that you’re an expert in your field. Someday, someone will read this challenge and instead of just wishful thinking and headlines the titles for these guide ideas will be links to my guides.

If you want to be notified of more challenges like this one, be sure to sign up for our Facebook Group, and get on the email list for me or for Monthly Content Helpers which is the sponsor of this challenge. Plus, come to the group anyway where this challenge is linked to in the UNITS area of the group and will always be available for you to go through and get ideas anytime you want for creating effective content for your needs. I’d love to hear what type of ideas came to you while reading my ideas.


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