Content Challenge Day 28: Survey Your Audience

Content Challenge Day 28

The truth is coming up with content ideas sometimes seems overwhelming. But, once you have worked out who your audience is, and know where they hang out online you can easily come up with new ideas for content. One way to get content ideas and blog post ideas is to survey your audience. You can do a survey in several ways. Let’s explore the ways you can survey your audience to get ideas about what to write about for them.

Ask on Social Media

Each social platform is slightly different, but you can ask your audience on social media to submit questions. Each question can end up being a different blog post. You can write, or you can record your answers on video. If needed you can record your screen to teach something to or demonstrate something to your audience that they asked about.

Send a Survey Via Email

You can use survey software or just ask a question right in email and ask them to respond with their questions. Once you collect questions then use them to write a blog post as described above. Remember that you can be creative with how you create the content. Some questions may lend themselves to a brand-new information product, others might lead you to recommend a new product or service that you created or that you’re an affiliate for.

Ask Your Audience to Snap Chat Their Questions

If your audience uses snap chat this is a fun way to get them to send their questions. You can then record yourself listening to the question live and then answer them quickly live, but take that content and work on making them longer for a blog post or an information product later.

The truth is, any time you see a question from your target audience whether it’s in your groups, your competitor’s group, or asked live and in person, it’s a good topic to write a blog post about. Many times it’ll end up being a good topic to create a new product around. For example, many people use private label rights content now to help fill out and even for all their content needs depending on their niche.

I write PLR content, along with original content, and help people use PLR content. Due to questions along with Shannon Smith we are creating Monthly Content Helpers based on feedback that people have a hard time finding Family & Lifestyle Focused content. Without asking people who use PLR we would not know.

Ask your audience. You’ll be delighted by what you can discover. Use the questions you receive for content ideas for your blog, articles, social media content, and even brand-new products.

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