Content Challenge Day 27: Celebrate Success

Content Challenge Day 27

Connecting with your customers is an important part of marketing. One way to do that is to write a blog post or even create a video blog to share, about a personal success that you’ve experienced relating to your business that also relates to your audience. This is easier if you were, or are, a member of your own audience. If you created a product or service that you needed that works well. But even if you’re not, sharing your success can bring you closer to your audience. Celebrating success is an effective way to bring light to a topic.

To come up with ideas ask yourself the following questions:

How does what you do bring you joy?

Do you feel fulfilled by what you do? Why and how? Sharing this will make your customers feel special. This is also a way to highlight some of your customers. When you congratulate and highlight successful customers you make others want to experience that success too.

How does your company give back to the community?

Remember that community can mean your local area, or it can mean the community your audience belongs to, or it can even be the community you belong to as an industry leader. Do you volunteer, donate money, give away something to help? Share it. Brag a little. But, do it in a way that is grateful and thankful too. After all, you could not do what you’re doing without your customers.

Has a customer experienced extra success that you want to highlight?

You can take this out of the personal for you and into the personal for your customers. Interview a customer about their success, while relating it back to your product or service. This is going to give them a platform to promote themselves but also indirectly promote what you do for them.

Do you have any life successes you can share with your audience?

Sometimes sharing your life success can also be a great way to connect in a new way with your audience. Whether that’s buying a new home, going on a great vacation, or the birth of a new grand-baby all of it is important and can be shared with the right type of audience. You have to choose since it’s your audience but sharing with them brings you closer to them and promotes trust.

What do you think you can share that is personal enough to bring you closer to your audience, promote your products or services, or simply make your audience feel good and closer to you? Today, people want connection more than they want to be sold to. They want to feel like an audience of one. They don’t want to feel as if they’re just another cog in the system. You can accomplish this by getting personal and celebrating success. Yours, theirs, or something that you’re just excited about.

Share your successes with us in the Facebook Group too. We want to hear it. But the group can also help you determine how to best share your stories. Just come in and ask.



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