Content Challenge Day 26: Solve a Problem

Content Challgne Day 26

Let’s look at a very popular and effective blog post idea. That’s the problem plus solution post. First, you want to talk about the problem, and then you want to provide the solution.  You can approach the problem and solution post in a few different ways. Let’s look at them.

Case Study Problem & Solution Post

You can interview someone on video using to record the video and discussion. Ask questions first about the problem. Get them to go deep into the problem so that the person viewing the video gets a real feeling for the problem and how it matches theirs. Then lastly, go into the solution. Finally, let the audience know how they can implement the solution.

A Demonstration Video

You can also create a demonstration video that goes over the problem and then shows through demonstration the video. For example, if you have a cooking video and you know that your audience asks a specific question a lot about how to do something that would lend itself well to a demo video this makes an effective problem and solution post that will solidify your expertise in this matter. The solution doesn’t always have to be for sale, it can be how to cut onions, so they don’t cry. It doesn’t mean you can’t promote your knives in the post.

An eBook About a Problem & Solution

Sometimes something is so in-depth that a blog post won’t cut it. This is the type of problem a good eBook or Report can tackle. You can create it and then give it away to build your list or you can sell it. It can be a content upgrade that you link to in-content so that people reading a particular post that touches on the problem can get more information about that problem with a solution too.

An Infographic

If you have a problem that can be solved with a few different solutions that you recommend you could make an infographic that tells a story about the problem and then compares the solutions. This is an excellent way to give the audience information that’s easy to digest and see. You can back that up with a blog post covering the infographic information more in-depth.

An Epic or Long Form Blog Post

You can even use a blog post to talk about a problem and the solution you recommend. You can insert pictures, short video, and more to make the content even more epic. Then you can re-purpose that content to use on other sites to promote your blog post. The more ways in which you can use the content you create in the epic blog post the better.

As you can see a problem plus solution post (or other forms of content) is a great way to create content that speaks to your audience about a specific problem while also offering the solution at the same time. You don’t always have to hold back the solution or even sell the solution if you choose a small one. If you choose to tackle the main thing that you do, create an epic post with links to your paid content too.

Do you have a problem plus solution post or other content that you offer such as a whitepaper? If so please share it with the Facebook Group. You can start your own thread too. This content challenge is almost over but the posts exist forever right on this blog as well as in Units in the Group. You can work on any aspect any time you want to. Let us know how it’s working for you or if you have any questions.


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