Content Challenge Day 25: Get Specific

Content Challenge Day 25

Once you have a resource post you can get very specific in more blog posts. For example, if you have listed 10 resources in the post, that is an opportunity to write ten blog posts. You can link to each blog post within the resource post too which can add a lot of value to the information you provide. Let’s break this down.

Write a Demonstration Post

You made a list of each software option you recommend now you can write a post that goes more in depth for each of the options you mentioned. For example, if you recommend that your audience use Zoom for face-to-face meetings or webinars give them a demonstration of this software in a post. Tell them the pros and cons of the software. You can do this for every type of software you recommended.

Give them the Nitty-Gritty Details

In fact, if you have any blog post at all that has multiple points, you can take each point and make a much more thorough provide screenshots, video demonstrations, and more. Even if you tell people exactly how to do what it is that you do, they will still use your services and will be much more likely to buy the resources you tell them about.  The main reason is that you’ll look more professional and knowledgeable. This is a great way to prove your expertise.

Use Different Formats and Media

When you get specific about the information you share with your audience it’s a good opportunity to use different formats and media. Use video. One way is to record your screen. Show your audience how to do something. You can give your audience the inside look at software that you recommend. Demonstrate to them exactly how you do what it is that you do. This is an effective way to include more media on your blog. You can provide more information that shows your knowledge and expertise directly to your audience.

It’s easy to find content to include in your specific posts. Any post that is a resource list, or a multi-point post, is an opportunity to break it down into specifics. If you do use video, be sure to include a transcript within the blog post so that you improve search engine optimization and results. The transcript will provide those who cannot watch the video a lot of information. Plus, since search engines can only see text you can get more views on the demonstration video.

Do you have any in-depth posts that you’ve already written? If so please let us see them in the Facebook Group. It doesn’t matter whether you sell products or services these types of posts can really improve your search engine ranking. But, more importantly, it proves your expertise to your audience.





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