Content Challenge Day 24: Resource Page

Content Challenge Day 24
Resource pages are a great way to get more traffic to your site, and it’s always a great way to get the content shared too. For example, right here on Barry Publishing I have a page of Private Label Rights content that I recommend and trust.

People share it, link to it, and it’s easy for me to share too. It’s easy for people to go back to if they need a list of PLR and forgot the links.

Plus, if someone does purchase some of the PLR that’s on that list by clicking my link, I may get a little bit of money as an affiliate. That’s a bonus but not necessary to make the resource page useful for your audience or you.

There are other types of resource pages you can create depending on your niche. Let’s explore some ideas that may help you get creative about this.

Types of Resource Pages You Can Create

  • List of Software You Recommend
  • List of Blogs You Like to Read
  • List of Books You Recommend
  • List of Products You Like to Use in your Life
  • Recommended Tools That You Use for Your Business
  • List of Important Pages or Posts on Your Website

You get the idea.

Any type of list you can create that is a resource list, whether you’re an affiliate or not, will work great to get more traffic. Be sure to make it easy to share because when people find something useful like this to share they will share it more often.

This is one of my favorite resource pages that I go back to again and again. It’s a page for Instant Pot recipes.

It can be a massive project like the above, or it can be simple like mine.

When you create a resource page, ensure that each link is:

  • Credible — You don’t want to link to anything sketchy on your site. People want to trust you and will trust you more if you only provide links to credible sources.
  • Relevant — If it’s not targeted toward your niche, skip it. Don’t be tempted to go off on a tangent outside of your niche.
  • Valuable –Have criteria that anything you tell your audience about offers value to your audience.

Ensure that you also give your resource page a good name. For example, if you are going to create more than one page for different categories of resources you may want to call it something based on what’s on the page. Another example, if you have a cooking site you may call a page recommended tools instead of just resources. Try to narrow it down to no more than two words so that the domain isn’t too long.

If you want to put all your resources on the same page calling it resources works great. It will depend on your niche and goals. You can then categorize the different links on the page and make it a long page. Long form content works very well to draw more traffic.

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