Content Challenge Day 23: Share Your Excitement

Content Challenge Day 23

Enthusiasm is contagious. Whenever you’re working on a new product or service for your audience give them hints about what’s coming. Telling your audience about what you’re working on for them will build the buzz before you launch so that launch day goes off with a boom instead of radio silence.

Give Them Hints

A great way to build excitement is to give hints about what you’re creating. If you truly want them to get excited the way you are you have to show them how you feel about what you’re doing. Hint about something coming up, mentioned that you’re working on something. Give it a name, or just let them know it’s amazing. When you give hints, they’ll start wondering and excitement will build.

Ask Their Opinion

One way to get excited about an upcoming new product or service is to ask their opinion about what you’re doing. From naming the product or service to pricing it to creating the visuals asking your audience is a great way to ensure they like it. Not only that, even though they essentially told you what they want from you, they’re going to think you read their mind when the product or service you create is so perfect.

Show Your Enthusiasm

If you’re not enthusiastic about what you do, how can your audience be? Show them how you feel about it, and how excited you are about what this is going to do for them and how it’s going to solve their problem. This is a great way to get them lined up and waiting for the new release.

Poke the Bear

This may seem a little controversial, but it works and there is nothing wrong with doing this. Talk about the problem. Talk about the problem in a way that makes them sick of the problem. That way, when you relieved the solution they’re ready for it. Not everyone is able to name their own problems so describe how the problem affects them giving details about when the problem is solved how they’ll experience new freedom.

By reminding people about their problem, and showing them your solution, you’ll be able to demonstrate how you’re the right person to help them with it. Your description of the problem shows your knowledge and if you have firsthand experience with the problem getting into your story can help bring people closer to you. It builds trust that your solution will really work. If you’re not part of the audience interview others who have used either your solution or a solution like it to get relief from the problem.

Have you created teasers about any product or service that you’re offering your audience? If so come share them in the Facebook Group.

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