Content Challenge Day 22: Cause Controversy

Content Challenge Day 22

If you’re stuck for content ideas and need to get more engagement a way to do it is to start some form of controversy. But, this can also backfire. Before you get down to writing your first controversial post give it a lot of thought and consideration.

Avoid Politics

Unless your niche is politics don’t do it. Now, it’s one thing to stand up against bullying, homophobia, racism and those types of things. In fact, I personally hope you would do that automatically and not worry about the repercussions. I do, and my audience appreciates it and loves me. But, try to avoid starting a political verbal war online. It can really cause problems for you and your business and you may turn off half your audience.

Avoid Religion

People have a right to their personal religious choice. Stay out of this type of controversy. It’s perfectly fine in the right circumstances to state your own beliefs if you feel comfortable, but don’t judge others for theirs. Unless again, if your business is religion, for example, you’re a minister, then that’s fine. Do what you want to do because that’s your job. So, I’m not talking to you here. But if you sell websites or courses about marketing, don’t fight with people about religion online.

Make it Relevant

A good way to create a controversial post is to attack a popular theory or trend within your niche that you have proof is wrong through your studies. Often, this can happen because of changing technology. For example, some people have the idea that you don’t need an email list anymore or even a website because they have a Facebook Page or a LinkedIn profile. This is absolutely horrible advice and I always tell people when I see it. You need your own website and email list or else you own nothing.

Get Personal

Sometimes it can be controversial to get very personal about something. This is true if you’ve mostly been all business. If something is going on in your life that is affecting your business in a big way — all the big things, marriage, birth, death, retirement, and so forth — can be a source of interest to your fans and audience. But, you want to make sure you can relate it to your business in some way without using your family in a bad way.

Incite Positive Controversy

If you are not wanting to do anything negative, then you can instead use positive controversy. Call out someone in your industry or circle who has done something wonderful within your niche. Talk about them, spell out what they’ve done, brag on them and make them feel good. People will share it, and you can get known by some extra people.

Controversy is a great way to get engagement. But, it can be dangerous too. Before you publish anything controversial give it some serious thought. Go ahead and create the content but sit on it for a while. Think about it so that you don’t move too fast. The wrong thing can destroy your business. Ask the Amy’s Baking Company.



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