Content Challenge Day 21: Curate Other People’s Content

Content Challenge Day 21

Did you realize that when you’re creating content for your online real-estate that you don’t have to create all the content yourself? You can also do the “Oprah” model. Think about how Oprah became so famous and known as a knowledgeable person? She simply interviewed people and shared other people’s information that she thought was relevant to her audience. You can do that too. Let’s look at some types of content that you can get from others and use to your advantage.

Find Content Your Audience Values

When you find articles, blog posts, social media content or any type of content that is relevant to your audience share it with your audience. Add a blurb with your thoughts about the content and link to the actual content. If you want to use images from the content get permission first.

Create a Resource List

A really great way to share other people’s information is by creating a resource list. These can be affiliate programs but it doesn’t have to be. When you link to other authorities in a positive way with a valuable resource list the other thing that may happen is that other people find so much value in the resource that they share your resource list with others too.

Create Blog Round-Ups

This is a great way to curate other people’s content and you can even add one of your own popular blogs about the topic in with it for an effective internal linking option. Find blog posts from around the net about your topic directed toward your audience once a week. Write an intro, a short blurb about each link, and then a conclusion sharing your thoughts. This type of post can get shared a lot, and also establish you as the go-to expert for information about the entire industry.

Curating content in many ways is a true reflection of an expert in an industry. By acknowledging that others have something important to say you set yourself apart from the kill the competition mentality. When you do that, you’ll find that your competition is friendly, and you can co-exist and even feed each other as a complement to your businesses instead of something to be afraid of.

Don’t Be Scared to Share Your Competition

I write and sell PLR content, (two businesses that will be launched soon with partners — Monthly Content HelpersBeautiful Healthy Content) plus, I write original content for people who need a large amount of content each month, you can go to my home page here to find out how to sign up for that service.

Competition is Good, not Harmful

None of this harm my competitors, and friends, or clients who also write and sell private label content. There is room for all of us in this business and when you start thinking of it that way, and act as a resource, your world will open in ways you never imagined. Each has their own style and subject matter expertise. I feel like I’d be doing a disservice to my audience not to curate and share my competition because it will add value to them. Who am I to try to hide it from them? In fact, why would I want to at all when the other stuff is so great too?

I even created a list of PLR I trust, right here of friends who sell PLR because it’s good stuff. 

If you’re not on the list and you have super high-quality content send me an email about it so I can check it out and add you. Sure, someone might buy their content instead of hiring me, but that’s okay because most of all I want my audience to succeed. If they succeed, then I succeed.

Come to the Facebook Group to talk about this and get ideas. Maybe someone has written a blog post in the group that you want to let your audience know about? Maybe someone has a free resource or even a paid one that is something you want to share with your audience. You never know who you’ll meet and how it will bless your life.




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