Content Challenge Day 20: Update Your Facebook

Content Challenge Day 20

I can’t believe it’s day 20! I’m getting a late start. I got bit by something on my face. I’ll spare you the details. But, when you are trying to create content things will happen to interfere with your plans all the time. You just take care of it, catch up where you can and move on. It’s all part of the process. Content marketing is a long-term process and not something that you just do once and is done. It’s ongoing and never ends. But, because it provides such value to your audience, and so many benefits for your business it’s something you should place a priority on.

Content Marketing Includes Social Media Marketing

Content marketing includes all the content you create for your business from paid information products to freebies to blog posts and social media content. Today it’s important to be involved in social media marketing which is a subset of content marketing. This time, I want you to update your Facebook Business Page or I want you to create a Facebook Business Page.

The good thing about a page is that you can connect it to your groups, market your page by boosting posts or by using that page as the base for the advertisement you want to run and drive traffic to your website. You can also use it to share all the content you create across all platforms including your blog. Some of this can even be automated using various software like

After you create your page, schedule some updates to go to the page. Facebook has an internal scheduling option for all Pages. This is a great way to share content, ask questions and even promote your groups since you cannot promote groups yet, you can connect your page to your groups, then promote the page. Great way to get your groups built which is another aspect of social media marketing that requires content.

Choose the Right Type of Page

Facebook is always adding more types of pages but right now you can choose from these types of pages:

  • Local Business or Place
  • Company Organization or Institution
  • Brand or Product
  • Artist, Band or Public Figure
  • Entertainment
  • Cause or Community

Choose the one that most aligns with your type of business. Even if you have a business your perfect page type might be Cause or Community. For example, I use cause or community for my Virtual Assistant Moms Page because I mostly use it to build my actual community VA Moms since Facebook doesn’t let you promote your group yet. I believe they will eventually, but this is a way around that. So, choose the right type. Look at the features of each type so that you can choose properly. For example, if you’re a Life Coach, you may want to choose Public Figure.

Facebook is currently one of the most powerful social media tools that you can use to promote your website, blog, or even local bricks and mortar business. When you’re done creating or updating or if you are satisfied with yours already make a new thread on our Content Helpers Facebook Group and share your work.

Even if you’re not part of the group yet, please join it. We’ll be running more challenges, sharing amazing PLR opportunities and offer training on how to use PLR (private label rights) content to use on social media, your website, blog, and more.

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