Content Challenge Day 17: Write a Mistake Post

Content Challenge Day 17

An effective post type is the mistake post. Writing a mistake post is a way to talk about your customer’s problems in a way that you can also talk about your solutions. You can approach it from a variety of angles. You can write it from your own perspective if you’re part of your own niche, an overcoming post that shows how you developed your solution or found a solution (for affiliate sales) that works for you and how it can work for them too. Another way to write it is to talk about the mistakes many people make in this niche and why your product or service is the solution.

Let’s look at a few ideas for a mistake post using my niche, content marketing:

Three Mistakes You’re Making with Your Content

Three Mistakes I Made with Content Marketing

Here are some ideas for a menu planning niche:

Three Mistakes I Made Planning Meals

Three Mistakes You’re Probably Making During Meal Planning

Some examples for a product based company:

Three Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Your Next Widget

The 3 Most Common Mistakes People Make When Buying Widgets

You don’t have to use the number three like my examples do, but I think you can get the idea. Everyone makes mistakes. If you can figure out some mistakes being made, you can then give them the solution to avoiding the mistakes ensuring that they choose your service or products. Let’s look into the reasons why mistake posts work.

You’re Demonstrating Your Expertise

A mistake post gives you a good opportunity to show how well you not only know your audience but your product or service. When you mention a mistake you will immediately also mention the solution to that mistake, so that your audience knows what to do instead of the mistake. You can position yourself as an expert with this type of post.

You’re Showing Affinity For Their Plight

Knowing your audience is very important, and more importantly, is your audience feeling as if you know them. When you write a mistake post you can show, especially if you were the one that made those mistakes, that you are one of them and that you understand them more than others because of what you’ve done. This helps build trust because your audience is going to know that you’re a real person, just like them.

You’re Proving Your Authority

Of course, writing a mistake post, with the solutions to the problems is also a great way to show that you’re an authority in the subject. Not only do you know the problems, but you know the solutions, and you can lead them toward the right answers for their situation. They’re going to want to be part of your circle because you get them, and you know what to do.

They’re a Good Start to a Whitepaper

A whitepaper is a document that is focused on a problem and a solution. When you write mistake posts it’s a great start to developing a whitepaper which can then be given away free to your audience to help them solve their problems and build your list.

When You Admit Your Mistakes, People Trust You More

Building trust with your audience is an imperative that you cannot skip. Mistake posts allow you to show that you’re human, that you know they’re human, and that it’s all okay. When you approach things in a human way without judgment and without being harsh (or harsher than your audience can relate to) you will help build trust. Especially when the solutions you recommend really work.

You Can Get Personal

Mistake posts are perfect for targeting a specific subset of your audience. You can get really personal about this one aspect of your audience that needs what you are offering to them because of your expertise. Write a mistake post with a particular individual in mind and you’ll be amazed at the response you’ll get.

A mistake post can even become controversial, in a good way, by going viral. If you choose a good image for it, turn it into several memes with a quote about each mistake, and turn everything around to focus on the positive solution to the mistakes being made it’s a win-win for you and your audience.

Write your mistake posts and then share them with the Facebook Group.

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