Content Challenge Day 30

Content Challenge Day 30

Let’s look at some ideas that will help with content planning. Everyone always wonders how in the world I write all that content for my clients. Well, it takes planning. Planning on their part and mine. Let’s look at how I do it and then you can hopefully get some ideas to help you.

Set Aside a Planning Day Each Period

If you want to create content on a weekly, monthly or other basis set aside a day or two to plan for each period. If you’re planning for a month you should not really need more than a day. If you’re content planning for longer you may need more time. However you do it, set aside the time to get it done when you’ll have no interruptions. You want to focus.

Look at Your Promotions

What do you want to promote during that period? For example, if you know that you want to promote a certain affiliate product start thinking about the problems it solves and why your audience would be interested in that product. Write down the problems it solves and make a note of the affiliate link you’ll be using to promote the product. That will save time later.

Consider Your Upcoming Launches

What are you launching that you’ve created? In every case there is content that must be created for launches that is internal and external. Make a list of these products and the types of content you want to create surrounding said launch. For example, if you’re going to launch a new course about how to do something. You need to talk about the problem, why you may want to do that, and then problems surrounding why you need to know how to do whatever it is you’re teaching.  You’ll need to create content for your affiliates, and for your audience to bring their attention to the course.

Set a Schedule to Look at Trending Events Each Morning

While most of your content is written in advance, work into your schedule a time each day to look at what’s trending regarding your niche so that you can tie into your content later. That way you can go in and edit any scheduled content to mention the trending topic and tie it all together in order to make your content look timelier. Or you can actually just write blog posts or social media posts that mention the trending event separately and tie it in with one of your scheduled posts that fits.

Understand the Point of the Content You Want to Create

Whatever you’re creating content for needs a point. If you create a blog post with no point it’s not going to work for you. You’ll get frustrated and tired of creating content. Content needs to be there to inform, educate, engage, or motivate your audience to take some form of action.  It’s not just about keywords. In fact, there is nothing about keywords in this entire blog post. It takes some content planning in advance based on your plans for the period. The great thing is, once you create the plan all you have to do now is implement the plan.

Make a List

When you get a content idea based off your promotions, your launches, and trending events make a list of topic ideas or titles that you can use for that content. If you want a blog post every single day of the month your list will have 30 blog post ideas or working titles. That one title can work to prompt blog content, plus email subject content, and social media content about the same topic to bring your list members and social media group members to your blog posts.

Choose a Content Creation Day or Two

If you’re creating the content yourself, based on how long it takes you to create it, and depending upon whether you’re going to use private label rights content, your own content, or hire a writer (or all of the above) you need to schedule when the content is going to be created. It might seem hard but creating more content in a day is better than creating less.

You can make draft outlines and write each post in an hour or two each day if you prefer. I have been doing that with this blog content challenge. But the problem is things do happen and you may end up late or miss a post like I did with this one. When I plan content for my clients I write at least 5 to 10 blog posts on the same topic in one sitting. I find that it’s faster to do it this way because you only do the research once and as you learn about the topic you can write much faster. Plus, once you get into the flow of the subject matter and writing you get faster.

Choose a Day for Editing, Formatting & Posting

I always do all my editing, formatting, and posting on a different day, usually the following day when I finish the creation process. If I let the content sit a day it’s easier to notice mistakes. I only send it to my editor after I think in my mind it’s perfect. Which of course, it never is. Even after the editor gets it someone else may point out a mistake. This is okay, let go of any ideas that you’re going to be perfect. Just get it done.

If you’re doing it yourself, my recommendation is to concentrate on one aspect a time. For example, if you know you tend to make certain mistakes look for those first, then look for another problem the next editing run through. Format only when you’re done editing. One thing at a time is always better because whether you think you can or not, no one is really good at multitasking.

If you take the time to plan the content you create is going to be well thought out. Ensure that any content you create has a purpose. Know that you’re trying to accomplish a specific goal with it.

For example, if you’re trying to build your email list, get more traffic, educate about the problem, and promote a solution — understand that is what you’re doing. If you create content with a purpose it’ll be much easier to create it and publish it proudly. Additionally, if you create content with one purpose at a time it’ll work better too. You don’t want to confuse your audience by throwing too many things at them at once.

What are your plans for your content this month? Come to the Facebook Group and let us know what’s happening with your business. If you need help with your content planning sign up for a free discovery call with me and we can talk about how we can help you plan your content more efficiently.


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